2016-2017 Pricing

Full Season Cheerleading (includes unlimited tumbling):


  • Tuition: $99.99/month (if using automatic ACH as a payment method) 

Once per season:

  • Registration Fee: $40 is due at the tryout (covers annual USASF memberships).
  • Team Fee: $90 (covers music and choreography) is due August 1st. 
  • Uniform: ~$300 (paid directly to Varsity, no mandatory practice wear) is due in September.
  • Competition Fees (typically five competitions): Competition fees will total somewhere between $500 and $1000 per season, per athlete. Exact fees will be announced in August. Competition fee payments are due: 40% October 1st, 30% November 1st and 30% December 1st. 

Unlimited Tumbling Only:

Unlimited tumbling classes (with a coach) for $40 per month. We can help with all skill levels. We usually have 30 - 40 tumbling classes available per month. Open to everybody - come tumble with us!