All-Star Cheerleading

Orlando Cheerleading Gym

This isn't your mama's Cheerleading.

Traditional Cheerleading focuses on pom pom's, chants, megaphones and cheering for a sports team.

In All-Star, the Cheerleaders are the sports team.

All-Star cheerleading focuses on stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance. It's a high-energy sport thats growth is outpacing every other sport in the United States. While All-Star Cheerleading shares some skills with Gymnastics and Dance, the energy level, variety and team dynamics in Cheer make it a much more exciting sport.

Fuel Athletics currently has Full Season All-Star Cheerleading teams ranging from level two up to level five. We offer all-girl and coed teams with athletes from all parts of Orlando and surrounding areas.

Our Full Season starts June 1st to May 31st with competitions starting in December.

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